Save tax with pillar 3a

The pillar 3a offers interesting tax privileges that are regulated by law:

  • Save tax every year
    By paying into your pillar 3a, you can save several thousand francs on tax every year, depending on the amount paid in and on your place of residence. 
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  • Tax-free interest yield
  • Tax-free capital
  • Favourable taxation at time of withdrawal or early withdrawal
    Taxation of withdrawn pillar 3a savings happens parallel to the regular income tax. This prevents pension benefits from being added to your annual income, which in turn might cause your income tax to reach a higher tax rate level (so-called progression).
  • Fiscal advantage in case of several parallel pension plans
    To achieve a lower tax rate, it might be advisable to withdraw your pillar 3a savings over the course of several years. Since it is not permitted to withdraw only a part of the savings on a 3rd-pillar account, it is recommended to go with several parallel 3rd-pillar plans.
  • Tax deductions for 3rd-pillar payments
    Payments into your pillar 3a are fully deductible from your taxable income up to the maximum annual contribution as set by law. Here you can calculate how much you can save on tax by paying into your 3rd pillar.


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Maximum annual contribution
Currently, the maximum amount is 6'826 francs for employed persons and 34'128 francs for self-employed persons.