Pillar 3a

Advance withdrawal

Advance (or early) withdrawal means the withdrawal of pension savings prior to retirement. For regular withdrawal, the accumulated retirement savings may be withdrawn no earlier than five years before the regular retirement age ('AHV age': 64 years for women, 65 years for men). It is possible to withdraw savings early in the following cases:

  • To finance owner-occupied residential property or redeem a mortgage
  • To purchase additional 2nd-pillar pension benefits
  • If taking up a self-employed activity or changing one's self-employed activity
  • When leaving Switzerland for good
  • If drawing a full invalidity pension under the Swiss Federal Invalidity Insurance (IV) if risk of invalidity has not been insured
  • Upon the beneficiary's death

While banks usually do not charge any fees for an advance withdrawal, early termination of a pension provision policy/life insurance with an insurance company is often subject to substantial charges.