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Traveling with the right travel insurance

Holidays and travel can cost a lot. That is why financial security before and during a trip is very important. Thanks to various insurance packages and modules, you can tailor the insurance benefits to your needs.

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Travel insurance checklist: what do I need to bear in mind?

Cancellation of travel

Sometimes you may not be able to travel. This could be because of illness or natural disasters, for example. Beware: cancellation insurance does not help in all cases.

Ask your insurance company whether certain events are excluded from your cover.

Illness and accident

Health insurance covers health costs abroad only to a limited extent. This is because different countries have different rules. Emergency medical treatments in EU/EFTA countries are covered by basic insurance. However, the deductible may be higher.

In non-EU/EFTA countries , basic insurance covers up to twice the amount the same treatment would have cost in Switzerland. Other benefits such as medication or voluntary treatment are not covered. Depending on your destination and your needs, supplemental insurance may be worthwhile.

Assistance in the event of illness and accident

Sometimes you need to end a trip early. The transport home, any hotel costs as well as search and rescue are not covered by basic insurance. For this you need supplemental insurance.

Luggage insurance

To protect yourself against theft or general loss of luggage, you need the corresponding home contents insurance.

Roadside assistance

Would you like to use your vehicle abroad? If so, you need to take out assistance protection outside of Switzerland in case of accidents.

Travel insurance information at a glance

What risks are covered with annual travel insurance?

Travel insurance should be part of your trip preparations. It includes cancellation insurance and personal assistance.

Cancellation insurance Personal assistance
When does insurance pay out? You cannot go on a booked and paid-for trip for some reason. It pays for the following risks that may occur during the trip:
  • early return
  • search and rescue
It also covers a temporary trip home or additional nights in hotels.
Covered risks:
  • accidents
  • illness
  • death
  • natural disasters/epidemics
  • unrest in the destination country
  • cancellation of transport (airline or train strike)
  • job loss shortly before departure
Relationship problems or minor ailments are not considered valid reasons.
  • illness
  • natural disasters
  • political unrest
  • illness, accident or death of the traveller
  • illness, accident or death of a person close to you. This also includes the person substituting you at work
When should I choose an annual travel insurance policy? It is suitable for insuring holidays that are moderately to very expensive. It is also recommended for trips to countries prone to unrest and extreme adventure holidays.
What should I be aware of? Cancellation insurance for Europe or the whole world should explicitly include Switzerland, too. Do you have annual travel insurance? If so, you do not need the cancellation costs insurance offered to you. Your basic insurance policy does not cover rescue costs abroad. However, transport costs are covered by basic insurance (max. 500 francs per calendar year). Personal assistance must apply worldwide and explicitly also for Switzerland. You can also take out personal assistance without trip cancellation cover.


  • Check whether you already have travel insurance. Some credit cards also provide cover for your trip.

  • Note that Rega is not an insurance policy. Even as a patron, you are not legally entitled to any benefits.

  • In case of incidents abroad, contact your insurance company immediately. Take the emergency number of the 24-hour helpline, your policy number and insurance card with you on holiday.

  • An annual travel insurance policy covers additional risksthat temporary travel insurance doesn’t cover. This includes, for example, the travel agency’s processing fee.

Luggage insurance

Luggage is usually not covered by travel insurance. However, most insurers also offer luggage insurance. This usually costs extra. This supplemental insurance covers the risks:

  • theft

  • robbery

  • damaged

  • loss and damage during transportation by a carrier

Lost or forgotten items are not covered. Tip: take out luggage cover as a supplement to your home contents insurance policy. This is usually cheaper.

Roadside assistance

For holidays by car, roadside assistance makes sense. It covers:

  • breakdown services

  • towing service

  • costs for a return journey

  • additional costs for the onward journey

This cover is usually limited to Europe.

Legal protection insurance

Make sure you check properly when taking out legal protection insurance. This cover doesn’t apply in some countries. Find out more about the general terms and conditions before you leave.

Important exclusions

Insurance cover for medical costs only covers emergency procedures abroad. It also only covers treatment that is not covered by health insurance or accident insurance. Therefore, only the difference costs between the statutory basic insurance benefit and the actual costs incurred are insured.

Obligatory basic insurance is usually sufficient for holidays in Europe. Important: always take your “European Health Insurance Card” with you. With this, you don’t have to pay the bill on the spot.

However, mandatory basic insurance and accident insurance (UVG/SUVA) only pay up to double the amount the same treatment would have cost in your canton of residence. As a result, it’s often worth taking out supplemental insurance for trips outside of Europe (e.g. USA, Japan, Australia). In countries outside Europe, treatments are sometimes much more expensive than in Switzerland.

Tip: before your departure, find out from your insurer about the existing benefits and the options for supplemental insurance.

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