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Credaris AG: the Comparis partner service for personal loans

Lenders in Switzerland advertise their interest rates or interest rate ranges. The basic criteria they use to assess loan applicants are also in the public domain. Nevertheless, it is very difficult for consumers to find the best deal for their needs.

This is because before a loan is approved, each applicant is subject to a detailed personal check for which each lender uses different risk criteria. To guard against fraud, not all of these criteria are made known to the public. They are derived from a comprehensive range of economic and sociodemographic characteristics and experience acquired from the lender's own customer base. What's more, the criteria are continuously adjusted.

Only after this scoring process is complete will a lender decide whether to approve a loan and under what conditions. For this reason, you can only get a personalized loan offer after a full credit check with a specific lender.

Find out more about eligibility criteria and credit checks.

In practice, submitting multiple applications at the same time in order to compare deals has a negative effect on your chances of approval. Each application is registered with the Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK) and can be viewed by all other lenders. You can find out more about the ZEK here.

What are the implications of this when comparing loans?

Under these circumstances, neither Comparis nor its users is in a position to compare products in the usual way – as they would for health insurance premiums or Internet deals, for instance.

And yet, given the high rejection rate (50% of all loan applications), finding the right provider is all the more crucial for loan products. Important: rejections remain visible at the ZEK to members for two years and can have a negative impact on your credit score.

When it comes to loans, the lower the interest rate, the higher the required credit score. Some lenders will not approve loans for people who have rejected loan applications on their ZEK record. It is therefore not enough for a comparison service to simply state what interest rate ranges lenders offer. What is more important is the question of whether consumers are likely to obtain the loan from their preferred lender.

So how does Comparis benefit users?

Comparis works with Credaris to improve the provision of independent advice on the Swiss credit market. Credaris was founded in 2014 as a partner service of Comparis and has since evolved into the largest credit broker in Switzerland, employing around 50 people.

  • Impartial comparison of advertised loans.
  • Personalized loan offers not possible for technical and data protection reasons.
  • To provide a benefit for users, loan enquiries are forwarded to the partner service Credaris.
  • Licensed to act as personal loan broker
  • Works closely with lenders
  • Thorough pre-approval check of client profile
  • Advice on options available
  • Manages loan application process through to agreement
  • Contracting party for the borrower
  • Payout of approved loans
  • Application review, loan decision, contract preparation and payout

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How does Credaris work?

  • Credaris works closely with lenders and has become familiar with their eligibility criteria.
  • It supports its clients throughout the entire process – from undergoing a credit check and completing the necessary paperwork to signing the agreement and more.
  • A personal advisor reviews the client's individual situation in detail and discusses the options available.
  • Only after a thorough pre-approval check will Credaris submit an application to a bank, so as not to damage the applicant's credit score with avoidable negative ZEK entries.
  • The ZEK enquiry only takes place following a meticulous check, which is not the case when applying directly to a bank. Credaris only forwards your application to the lender of your choice when there is a degree of certainty that you will not risk an avoidable rejection.
  • Credaris will not submit applications that have no chance of succeeding. Instead, it will advise you according to your personal situation and, if there are any issues with your credit score, guide you through what to do next. Credaris can also advise you on how to improve your credit profile. This will improve your chances of obtaining a loan.
  • Otherwise, if you submit your application directly to a bank, it would be rejected without you learning the reason why.
  • Credaris only submits an application when it has discussed it with the client.
  • Using this approach, Credaris has achieved an approval rate of over 80% for the applications it has submitted. The approval rates for direct applications are around 50%.

Why you can trust Credaris

The partner service Credaris has many years of experience working with lenders and compared to other Swiss brokers has access to the largest pool of lenders. A team of specialist staff offers professional advice, with individual advisors being personally available for their clients.

  • Free, independent assessment of your credit standing including background check
  • Transparentprofessional advice and support from no-obligation enquiry to conclusion of contract
  • Application only submitted to the lender offering the best chances of approval
  • Excellent cooperation with the major lenders in Switzerland
  • Fast and hassle-free processing by the Credaris team of experts

No risk:

  • The service is free of charge and there is no obligation.
  • In Switzerland, loans can be repaid at any time.

What distinguishes Credaris from shady brokers:

  • Naturally, Credaris only submits applications that are fully compliant with the law and will clearly inform you of your options.
  • Thanks to its good reputation and the high quality of the applications it submits, Credaris is not subject to the stricter assessment and approval policy often adopted by the banks.

Lending volume of CHF 4.8 billion

Credaris has processed over 4.8 billion francs worth of loan requests.

50% better chance of approval

Direct enquiries with banks are often rejected. Increase your chances by over 50% with the help of Credaris.

4.8/5.0 customer satisfaction rating

Customers give Credaris top marks.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions

  • Brokers and online platforms function as acquisition channels for lenders.
  • Paying commission to brokers is therefore an alternative to advertising and marketing expenses.
  • Brokers also relieve lenders of some of the administrative work.
  • Credaris submits high-quality applications on behalf of borrowers with high-quality profiles.
  • This commitment to high standards propelled Credaris to become by far the biggest loan broker in Switzerland within just a few years.
  • You therefore benefit from both the confidence that lenders have in Credaris and the attractive rates and conditions it offers.
  • It is illegal for brokers to charge their clients any fees.
  • Brokers are only compensated by the commission paid by lenders.
  • For Credaris, this compensation currently amounts to approximately 0.4% to 6.0% of the loan amount and is one way in which Credaris finances its services.
  • For consumer protection reasons, the Consumer Credit Act explicitly forbids brokers like Credaris from charging clients for their services.
  • No, taking out a loan via a large and experienced broker like Credaris does not increase the cost of your loan.
  • Credaris invests considerable expertise and effort in the quality of its applications as this is its top priority.
  • Credaris negotiates the rates and conditions with the lenders. The large quantity of applications that Credaris processes has a positive effect on the rates offered to borrowers.
  • As a result, the interest rates available are usually as good as and in some cases even cheaper than those obtained through a direct application to a lender.
  • Promising or even advertising guaranteed low rates is dishonest.
  • Unscrupulous brokers may be tempted to manipulate client data in order to increase their approval rate.
  • This contravenes the Consumer Credit Act and nullifies any protection of the borrower against over-indebtedness.
  • Unscrupulous brokers may also submit applications with poor chances of success or send them to multiple lenders. This may result in (avoidable) rejections and negative entries on the ZEK record.

Approval of a loan is forbidden by law if it would lead to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).

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