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Online shopping: Switzerland’s top-selling shops

Clothing, shoes, gadgets: the Swiss buy from online retailers several times a week or even daily. Source: iStock / Petar Chernaev

It’s not only 15-year-old fashion victims who like to shop online in their spare time. The trend is far more widespread. Read here about the most recent developments and Switzerland’s top-selling online retailers.

Online shopping in Switzerland is flourishing. No matter what the occasion, all Internet users buy the products they need from online retailers. Many hit the “buy” button several times a week, some even daily. The reason for this is the convenient home delivery service and the round-the-clock availability of the shops. (Source: Futurecom, in German only)

Which are the most popular platforms in Switzerland?

The top-selling online shops

Position Online shop E-commerce sales 2017
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3 * (incl. marketplace sales)
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9 (*) (incl. marketplace sales)

All data according to company information, public information or estimates (marked with an *). The figures represent the shops’ net online sales of the financial year 2017 in million CHF, adjusted for returns. Source (in German only): Carpathia AG, a retailer for multimedia and electronics, is clearly in the lead, followed by the online fashion shop Zalando, and in third place by Amazon with a wide range of products.

A Comparis survey from December 2017 already showed that the World Wide Web appeals to young and old alike. Every year, an average of between 500 and 2,000 francs are spent on online shopping per person and age group.

Clothing and accessories are the most popular items

Many online buyers order mainly clothing, accessories and shoes. Some also purchase entertainment media and electronics on the Internet. Toys and food are currently lagging behind in comparison. This indicates a lack of suitable offers. “Amazon’s anticipated entry onto the Swiss market is set to fundamentally change this situation,” believes Jean-Claude Frick, Comparis Digital Expert.

Online shopping tendencies confirm established clichés: women buy more clothing and beauty products than men; men buy more electronics, although since last year they have been exhibiting a growing tendency to purchase clothing online. Indeed, clothing now ranks as the most frequently purchased product category among men too.

Men spend more money

Men tend to spend more money online than women. 40 per cent of them “invest” between 500 and 2,000 francs per year in online purchases, with 16 per cent spending between 2,000 and 5,000 francs per year. Only 8 per cent of women fall into the latter spending category.

Security not a concern

Customers tend to have a lot of trust in the online retail sector. 76 per cent believe that online shopping is safe. Only 8 per cent feel it to be unsafe. Even though most claim to have no concerns about security, they tend to prefer payment by invoice (46 per cent). Interestingly, women request payment by invoice more often than men (55 per cent versus 36 per cent). Payment by credit card is the second most popular payment method overall (36 per cent) and the most popular payment method among men (45 per cent). 

As a rule, “people who use the Internet also buy on the Internet,” explains Jean-Claude Frick.