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Smartphone ranking 2014: |The 10 most popular devices in Switzerland

Most Swiss buyers choose a smartphone from Apple or Samsung.

Two great rivals dominate the Swiss smartphone market: a look at the best-selling devices in the third quarter of 2014 reveals that Apple and Samsung clearly dominate the market. lists the currently top-selling models.

The sales figures for smartphones for the third quarter of 2014 from the three largest mobile operators in Switzerland are available: the iPhone 5S from Apple is the leading mobile phone with Swisscom and Sunrise and ranks second with Orange. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 has convinced Swiss consumers and is in first place with Orange and in second place with Swisscom and Sunrise.

What is particularly interesting is how well the new iPhone 6 is selling. In Switzerland the iPhone 6 has only been available since 26 September 2014, i.e. only during the last few days of the third quarter. Nevertheless, it made it to 6th and 7th place with Sunrise and to 5th place with Orange. Currently there is a considerable shortage of supply. Especially Swisscom customers are asking on Twitter when Swisscom would finally send them the iPhone 6 they ordered several weeks ago.

Switzerland continues to be an Apple country – and will probably stay that way, as is shown in a study from

China smartphone dropped out of top ten

It is striking that the hit parade is dominated by devices from Apple and Samsung. The two major competitors control the Swiss market. With Sunrise, as many as the eight best-selling smartphones are from Apple and Samsung while with Orange and Swisscom it is the six most popular devices. Smartphones from HTC, Sony and Nokia can only be found towards the end of the list.

In the second quarter, the Chinese low-cost smartphone Huawei Ascend Y330 achieved a respectable result, but the success did not last for long.

These were the most popular smartphone models in the third quarter of 2014:




1. Apple iPhone 5S

1. Apple iPhone 5S 16 GB

1. Samsung Galaxy S5

2. Samsung Galaxy S5

2. Samsung Galaxy S5

2. Apple iPhone 5S

3. iPhone 4S

3.  Apple iPhone 5C 16 GB

3. Samsung Galaxy S4

4.  Apple iPhone 5C

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

4. Apple iPhone 5C

5. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

5. Apple iPhone 5S 32 GB

5. Apple iPhone 6

6. Samsung Galaxy S4

6. Apple iPhone 6 16 GB

6. Apple iPhone 4/4S

7. HTC One

7. Apple iPhone 6 64 GB

7. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

8. HTC One mini 2

8. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

8. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

 9. Sony Xperia Z2

9. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

9. HTC One M8

 10. -

10. Samsung Galaxy S4

10. Nokia Lumia 930


Careful with free bait offers

When buying a new smartphone, customers should not be blinded by supposedly low prices starting from 1 franc. In fact, there is no such thing as a free smartphone. Customers simply have to pay off the supposedly cheap device over the contract period.

As a rule of thumb you can assume that the cheaper the device, the higher the monthly costs. This can be interesting for heavy users, but occasional users pay much more than necessary.

Sunrise is an exception, though: in spring, the mobile operator separated mobile plans from devices, i.e. since April, Sunrise customers have only bought plans without a phone. Nevertheless, they still have the opportunity to purchase the device in instalments. Every device is also available for 1 franc.

It seems that Orange is imitating Sunrise by offering all smartphones for 0 francs now. However, in contrast to the offer from Sunrise, the one from Orange is not customer-friendly because the device is not available separately from the mobile plan. As previously, it is paid off through the standing charge for the monthly plan. This means that customers continue paying for the phone even after it has long been paid off.