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    Pillar 2 redistribution – against pension system principles

    Redistribution does not only occur in the OASI (AHV/AVS) state pension system. Funds are redistributed in occupational pension schemes too. In 2019, 7.2 billion francs were transferred from active contributors to pensioners. There is nothing to indicate that this unsatisfactory practice is going to end any time soon. What does this mean for people in Switzerland? More

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    Ways to save money on a tight budget

    The lockdown forced many single and family households to re-examine their budget. Even going on holiday can leave you strapped for cash when you return. Here are some tips to help you save money and improve your finances. More


    The finances of Swiss households in 2018

    People in Switzerland believe their financial prospects for 2018 are bright. The new year should, from a financial perspective, be better than 2017. These were the results of our representative survey. More

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Making payments

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    Fintechs: an opportunity for the financial markets and clients

    The digitalization of the banking world is in full swing. Fintechs, the new players in the sector, are forcing their way into the market with innovative products and services and putting the established banks under pressure. This trend could turn out to be an opportunity both for clients and for the financial markets. More

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