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Buying and leasing


    The big Comparis car subscription comparison

    The general trend towards car subscriptions is also gaining momentum in Switzerland. Comparis has analyzed the services on offer to shed light on this new market. The result: in some cases, subscribers pay less than 50 francs extra per month compared to car buyers. More

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  • TIPS

    How to drive safely on icy roads

    If you drive your car in winter, you need to beware of black ice. To help you brave the snow and ice without worrying about your car skidding into a ditch, has compiled a list of 6 tips for driving safely on icy roads. More


    Driverless cars are frightening

    Just 12 per cent of participants in a Comparis survey were able to imagine giving over full control of a vehicle to a software program and simply sitting in the car as it drives – without a steering wheel, brakes or accelerator. More

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