Complementary medicine treatments covered by basic insurance

Basic health insurance will cover treatments like homeopathy when they are performed by doctors trained in complementary medicine. Source: iStock / oksix

Basic insurance will cover selected treatment methods used in complementary medicine. So do you still need supplemental insurance?

Some complementary medicine treatments have featured in the list of benefits covered by mandatory health insurance since 2017. There are five of them, as follows:

  •  Anthroposophic medicine
  •  Homoeopathy
  •  Neural therapy 
  •  Phytotherapy
  •  Traditional Chinese medicine

Did you take out supplemental insurance in order to have complementary medicine cover? Despite this new ruling, you still won't be able to do without it. This is because basic insurance only covers treatment performed by doctors qualified in the discipline with training in complementary medicine.

To access any other of the available treatments, you have to pay for them yourself. Good supplemental insurance policies will pay a contribution towards recognized treatment methods. Interested in trying complementary medicine treatments? You are advised to check the details of your outpatient supplemental insurance carefully.

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