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Electronic vaccination records: what you need to know


Lost your vaccination record book? If you have an electronic version, this is no problem. explains how the online database at works.

Digital vaccination records have been available at for a number of years. Anyone living in Switzerland can enter all their immunizations in the online database, or ask their chosen medical professional to do it for them. The electronic file is always available, never goes missing and even reminds you when a booster is due.

How do I create an electronic vaccination record?

You can set up a personal account online in just a few clicks, including a password to protect your vaccination record from unauthorized access. You also need to enter your personal details, occupation, any illnesses and trips abroad.

The next step is to upload a photo or scan of your paper vaccination record. Specially trained medical and pharmaceutical students then transfer the data. Converting the information to electronic format takes some time but you will be notified by e-mail when your new record is ready. A “vaccination check” tells you whether you are up to date on your vaccinations.

If you have lost your vaccination record, continue reading here.

How does the vaccination check work?

The online database indicates whether a course of vaccination is complete or is overdue and a booster is required. Users of the electronic vaccination record are informed by text message on their mobile phones or by e-mail.

Users can also check whether vaccinations are advisable or even required before travelling abroad.

Who enters the data?

You can enter it yourself, or your doctor or pharmacist can do it if they use However, the data must always be validated by a professional. Your doctor can do this, or the provider offers this service for a fee.

You can authorize your family doctor or a specialist to access your vaccination record. You can also limit this access to a specific time period, such as during a course of treatment.

You can access the electronic vaccination record via the website or on your smartphone using the app myViavac for iPhone or Android.

I have lost my vaccination record. What can I do?

The e-vaccination record contains a tool designed to help you reconstruct your vaccination history as accurately as possible.

First, you log in as usual. Next, under “Childhood vaccinations”, you can indicate:

  • whether you have a vaccination record
  • that you don't have a vaccination record but received the standard childhood vaccinations
  • that you don't know if you were ever vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria and polio

Depending on your response, the tool will indicate whether you need any catch-up or booster vaccinations.

What else will my data be used for?

The government wants to analyze the data anonymously for its vaccination statistics. If you do not want this, you have to expressly refuse your consent by ticking a box online. The default setting is that you consent.

How much does it cost to register?

It costs 10 francs per person to enter data, and have it checked and validated professionally (irrespective of the number of records). The entire vaccination record, the entry of additional vaccinations plus access to a support team costs 10 francs for four weeks or 20 francs for one year.

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