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Health insurance for your baby

The child has to be registered with a health insurance company within 3 months of its birth. We recommended that you take care of it before your child's birth, though, so that, afterwards, you just have to inform the health insurance company about the name and the date of birth. Besides, most supplemental insurance can be taken out without a prior health check before birth.

  • The date of birth is also the start of the insurance cover.
  • The health insurance provider can be chosen freely.
  • The benefits are identical with all health insurance companies.
  • Health insurance can be changed at the end of every calendar year.

A premium comparison pays off since the premiums for mandatory basic insurance vary strongly from one health insurance company to another – even though the benefits are regulated by law and therefore the same with every provider. The benefits under mandatory basic insurance are specified in the Health Insurance Act (KVG) and cover the areas of sickness, accident and maternity. If your child is not insured against accidents with a private accident insurance provider, you need to include accident coverage in your child's health insurance policy.

Premiums for basic health insurance vary depending on the policyholder's place of residence, deductible, insurance model and age. The law (Art. 61 of the Health Insurance Act) defines three age groups:

  • Children (up to age 18)
  • Young adults (ages 19 to 25)
  • Adults (age 26 and over)

Insurers must define lower premiums for children by law. For young adults, the insurance companies may offer reduced premiums, but they do not have to. The change from one age category to the next happens after the policyholder's 18th or 25th birthday, respectively, with effect from 1 January of the following year.

Health insurance providers are required to accept every applicant for basic health insurance (full freedom to choose one's insurer).

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Accident cover

Persons employed for at least 8 hours per week with the same employer are automatically insured against accidents through this employer (Accident Insurance Act). They can therefore exclude accident cover from health insurance without hesitation.

All non-wage-earners (unless receiving unemployment benefits), children and self-employed individuals must take out accident cover with a health insurance provider.