Moving home

Moving boxes: cheap renting instead of expensive purchase


If you are moving your belongings from A to B, you need something above all: countless moving cartons. You are lucky if you can pack generously and don’t have to cram all of the kitchenware into one single box but can distribute plates and cups into several boxes. This way, each box weighs less and you can save your back unnecessary strain.

Relatives and friends usually have some boxes lying around in their attic that can be borrowed. Also on Internet marketplaces used boxes are offered cheaply or for free. However, if you need new boxes, you should compare prices as well as the quality. In DIY markets or furniture shops, carton boxes usually cost around CHF 5. A total amount of up to 100 boxes - which is quickly needed for a household of several persons - results in extra costs of several hundred CHF, depending on if you have to spend CHF 4 or CHF 8 per carton.

It is cheaper if cartons are rented from a moving company. The advantage is that you can get different types of boxes of high quality – small and large ones, boxes for clothes or for wine bottles. Depending on the company, this service is also offered without an additional transport order. Moving companies generally charge a few CHF per box as well as around CHF 50 for the delivery before packing and picking up after unpacking. It can also be worthwhile to agree on an all-inclusive price that includes moving as well as the rent for boxes.