Advertising with success: |7 tips for your online listing

Like a postcard: property listings should also be visually convincing.

You want to rent or sell your house or flat. With our suggestions your online listing will be a sure success. For this we are offering a handy check list. Best of luck!

House-hunters have to plough through thousands of online property listings. You should take some suggestions to heart so that your online listing stands out. It is also advantageous to target the placement of your ad. 

For example, is the largest property market in Switzerland. There, house-hunters find all listings of the 17 largest property portals at a glance.

Heading: write a catchy title

Think about what impressed you most when you yourself first saw the flat. Emphasize these advantages, such as the price, interior features, location. Or target the advertisement to certain groups: "For singles/students/families".

List more than just plain facts, and appeal to emotions. Instead of "Flat in central location", use something rather like "Dream home in middle of the city". In addition, appealing adjectives such as sunny, green, quiet, lively, modern, classic, pretty or child-friendly enhance the title and description.

Core information: give the important basic data

These 7 pieces of information influence one's choice the most:

  • Monthly rent with or without incidental expenses, amount of deposit
  • Number of rooms
  • Living area in square metres
  • Additional usable area: basement, attic, balcony, garage
  • Location and transportation options
  • Move-in date
  • Interior features

Description: use informative text

Praise the flat in the description as in a commercial. Provide lots of details in the description and expand upon the basic data. However, be careful to not overdo it, as such advertisements are often not taken seriously.

Property criteria: specify as many details as possible

Whether with balcony, garage, central or radiant floor heating: many home-seekers filter their search results by specific criteria. To avoid having your ad get filtered out, you should list as much information as possible.

Pictures: use photos to put your flat in a good light

Listings with pictures receive more clicks than those without. In addition, it is with these photographs that people receive their first impression of the flat. Therefore give particular attention to the cover photo.

  • Take photographs in the daytime so that the rooms appear bright and welcoming; exterior views are best in sunlight.
  • Interesting subjects: kitchen, living room, bedroom, balcony, window with view onto open space, front of building.
  • Pick up around the flat beforehand.
  • Also show the floor plan. Labelling should be easily readable.
  • Picture file sizes should not be too large.

Be careful about overdoing embellishments, though: if the flat does not match the praises in the ad, the interested party will be disappointed.

Taking up contact: respond to enquires

In addition to an e-mail address, you should also list a telephone number. Regularly check your e-mails and voicemail. Call back right away and write down the contact information of the person interested.