Inspection report

When tenants move in or out of a flat, an inspection report is completed. In this agreement, the previous renter, the new renter and the landlord record the condition of the flat. Any defects or problems with the rental unit are also listed. For this, the following apply:

  • The previous renter moving out promises with his signature to pay for the repair of any damages. This applies only to damages that occurred during his rental period due to above average wear and tear. He also permits the landlord to arrange the necessary repair work.
  • The new renter moving in confirms with his signature to have taken over the flat in a proper condition except for damages listed in the inspection report.

The report also functions as a way for all affected parties to agree on the damages to the rental unit and in particular on their repair. For a smooth turnover of a flat, there are certain points to pay attention to that are also available from the Renters' Association of Switzerland (German)


Tips for the renter

  • Normal wear and tear is normal: No one must return a flat completely free of defects. Inevitably, marks will arise due to living in a flat. Regular wear and tear is included in the rental price. A flat does not have to appear at the end of a rental period exactly as it did at the beginning of it.
  • What counts is the current value: On the other hand, a renter can be called upon to pay for above average wear and tear. In this case as well, a complete renovation need not be paid for. The costs owed are not the original value of the walls, parquet floor or washbasin, but rather their current value. This value can be determined with the help of a life span table (German).
  • What is still normal? It is not always easy to classify wear and tear as either normal or above average. The renters' association offers the following rule of thumb: above average wear and tear begins as soon as the renter says: "There was an accident."
  • Often a case for insurance: Damage due to above average wear and tear is a classic case for home contents and liability insurance. But be aware that more and more insurance companies restrict in their conditions the coverage of damage caused by renters. This applies, for example, to smokers and pet owners. 

A sample report from the Renters' Association of Switzerland can be downloaded here: Inspection report (German)