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Taking out a new mortgage

So you’ve decided to buy a home? Clarify your financial situation, search for the perfect property and find a mortgage.

What to consider when taking out a mortgage

1. Keep an eye on interest rates

Familiarize yourself with the market by monitoring interest rates changes.

  • Interest rate forecast for 2021

  • Mortgage Barometer

  • Current rates for fixed-rate mortgages

2. Work out what you can afford

Use a mortgage calculator to work out what you can afford and how much your monthly payments are likely to be. Don’t forget that you can withdraw retirement savings ahead of time in order to purchase a property. 

3. Think about how many tranches you would like

Mortgages are often split into multiple tranches. If you split your mortgage into two tranches, one on a five-year and the other on a ten-year term, you will have to remortgage in five years’ time. At this point, you will have to accept whatever deal your lender offers you. Clients who are able to redeem the maturing tranche are in a better position to negotiate.

4. Compare before you sign

Before you take out a mortgage, compare the deals available from multiple lenders to ensure you get the best one. You can also take advantage of the expertise offered by HypoPlus, the mortgage specialists of the Comparis group. Your personal adviser will compare the best rates on the Swiss market and negotiate on your behalf – with the HypoPlus approach: independent, professional and straightforward.

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Buying a home – the first steps


Rent or buy

A range of factors can influence the decision to buy a home. Comparis can help with the decision-making process and provides examples illustrating the costs associated with home ownership.

See examples


Mortgage calculator

Want to find out whether you can afford the home you are considering? Calculate your loan-to-value ratio, affordability and monthly costs here. Calculate mortgage

Property search

Search for a home at Find the perfect property now.

Visit property marketplace


Getting a property survey

Is a property worth the asking price? Comparis explains how you can roughly estimate the value of a home and who can help you with this.

View tips


Mortgage types

What are the different mortgage types? Which mortgage type is right for my current situation? What's the difference between a fixed-rate, variable-rate and a Saron mortgage?

Compare mortgage types


Current interest rates

Find out the latest interest rates and discover how mortgage rates have changed over time. Choose your canton and compare lenders and repayment terms.

Current interest rates in Switzerland


Overview of lenders

Compare the mortgage rates currently offered by different lenders and find the right provider to finance your property purchase.

Compare lenders


Early withdrawal of pension assets

You can withdraw money from your second and third pillars ahead of time to finance a home purchase. This will give you a bigger deposit. Learn more about the conditions, risks and opportunities involved.

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About HypoPlus

Whether you want to buy a property or renew your mortgage, HypoPlus can help you find the right solution. Tailored advice from mortgage experts ensures that the chosen mortgage strategy perfectly fits your requirements.

Learn more about HypoPlus

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