Mortgage types

Which mortgage type is right for me in my current situation? What are the different mortgage types? These are the questions you need to answer before taking out a mortgage.

Fixed-rate mortgage

With a fixed-rate mortgage, you commit to a set repayment term (between two and ten years), during which time the interest rate remains the same. With interest rates currently being so low, this type of mortgage is particularly attractive, especially those with long terms.   More

Libor mortgage

The Libor mortgage has a fixed term (three to five years) and an interest rate that tracks market rates, being adjusted every three to six months. This type will be replaced by the Saron mortgage at the end of 2021.  More

Saron mortgage

The Saron mortgage is a money market mortgage with no fixed term but a fixed interest rate that is adjusted quarterly. The Saron mortgage will replace the Libor mortgage at the end of 2021. More

Variable-rate mortgage

This mortgage has no fixed term and can be terminated at any time providing the required notice is given. The interest rate is adjusted periodically to reflect market changes. This mortgage type is highly flexible but therefore more expensive.   More

Special types or special conditions

Many banks offer their own special mortgage types, such as cheaper first-time buyer mortgages, mortgages with incentives for environmentally friendly buildings (Minergie mortgages) or reduced rates for households with children (family mortgages). These are just a few of the most prevalent ones.   More


The mortgage types described above can be combined with each other in any way you wish – depending on the lender.   More

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