Contents & personal liability

Supplementary household contents

Objects that do not belong to the basic household contents or that have an above-average value are considered supplementary household contents. They include notably:

Notebook, PC, home cinema, TV, hi-fi system, photo and film equipment, etc.

Sports equipment and clothes
Skis, snowboard, skateboard, skates, sledge, bicycle, fishing gear, surf board, hang glider, paraglider, diving equipment, rubber raft, hunting and sports weapons, etc.

Leisure time / Hobby
Books, CDs, DVDs, gramophone records, hobby workshop (tools, machines), models, garden furniture and gardening tools, pets, uniforms, camping gear, etc.

Collections / Works of art
Antiques, sculptures, oriental carpets, silverware, stamps, minerals, weapons, tin, etc. (coins and medals are considered monetary values)

Valuables / Jewellery
Musical instruments, paintings, pictures, furs, engravings, watches, etc. Supplementary insurance is required for jewellery worth more than CHF 20,000.

Supplies (wine, spirits, food), fuel oil, designer furniture, etc.
Constructional items and machines installed or acquired by the tenant and not insured with the building; e.g., washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher.