Questions for the medical directory of

  • What is the medical directory and who is behind it?

    The medical directory lists over 35,000 doctors from all the 46 specialist fields recognized in Switzerland – from allergology to urology. With its intuitive user interface, it is the most visited medical directory in Switzerland. It lists all the contact details of doctors and medical practices, rather like an electronic telephone directory. But it also includes useful information such as a doctor's core competencies, professional development and quality certificates. A dedicated team at ensures that the medical directory is kept up to date and continuously improved to enable users to find the specialist they need as quickly as possible.

  • Where does the data in the medical directory come from?

    The medical directory draws on information from a range of public sources, which is enhanced by input from doctors, users and private data providers. We used the doctors’ names, specialist fields and practice locations available in official online directories and aggregated this data.

  • I am new to the area. How do I find a doctor near me?

    To find a doctor, you can simply search by name or specialist field and the required location. On the desktop version, once you have launched your search, the practice locations of the doctors are displayed on the map on the right of the result list. If you click on one of the green pins on the map, the result list scrolls to the doctor or practice at this location.

    If you are searching on your smartphone, you can open the map by tapping the map icon on the bottom right of the screen. On the map, you will see all the doctors that were previously displayed on the most recently viewed page of the result list. Please note that if you go to the next result page, new corresponding pins will be displayed on the map. So you can easily find the right doctor in your area.

  • I’m looking for a particular specialist. What is the quickest way to find one?

    The quickest way to find a specialist is to enter the relevant specialist title or the name of the specialist field in the first search box: “Medical field or name”. You can also use the filter on the right to restrict your search to doctors (with or without a specialist medical title) or practices/hospital wards.

  • I would specifically like to consult a female or a male doctor regarding my medical issue. Can I filter by female and male doctors?

    You can use the filter function at the top right to filter by “female” or “male” to find the doctor of your preferred gender.

  • What filter options can I use to refine my search for a doctor?

    The filter allows you to search according to particular criteria to narrow down your results. You can restrict the gender of the doctor to female or male or, if you are looking for a specialist, choose doctors with a specialist medical title. You can also use the filter to include only doctors or practices. If it is important for you to be able to book your appointments online, you can also filter by this criterion. Many of the doctors and practices listed in the medical directory are EQUAM-certified (quality accreditation), which can also be selected in the filter.

  • How do I know whether the doctor will accept me as a new patient?

    You can see on the profile page of each doctor or practice whether or not they are accepting new patients. Unfortunately, this information is not yet available for all the doctors and practices listed. We are expanding it on an ongoing basis.

  • I want to book an appointment online. What are my options?

    Some doctors and practices allow you to book an appointment online. If this function is available, you will see the button “Book appointment online” on the profile page of the doctor or practice. You will then be forwarded to an appointment booking platform, where you can book your appointment.

    If you are specifically looking for a doctor that offers this option, you can select the relevant filter to restrict your search accordingly.

  • I want to contact the doctor. What are my options?

    Telephone numbers are listed for most of the doctors and practices. Sometimes you have the option of contacting them directly using a contact form. In this case, you will see the “Contact form” button on the profile page of the doctor or practice. Clicking this button will open a contact form in which you can write your message then send it to your chosen doctor or practice.

    Your message will be sent to the most recent e-mail address provided for the doctor or practice. We cannot guarantee that the e-mail will be delivered securely or that the doctors will check their mailboxes. We also store the data temporarily at but do not forward it to third parties. Please note that this information is not protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. You should therefore not use this method to send sensitive information. If you choose to do so at your own risk, only send information pertaining to yourself.

  • Why don’t I see the same information for all doctors and practices?

    We are working continuously to ensure that all the information in the medical directory is up to date. Some of the information is provided directly by the doctors and practices. As it is provided voluntarily, we rely on the cooperation of the doctors and practices. If some information is missing for a doctor or a practice, you are welcome to let us know, or contact the doctor/practice in question directly and encourage them to update the information on their profile in the medical directory.

  • I have noticed that some data is incorrect. What can I do?

    Users can help us to keep the information on the doctors’ profiles up to date. We are always very grateful for your feedback. So if you notice any incorrect information, you are welcome to notify us by e-mail or by using the “Propose changes” link on the doctor or practice profile. Thank you!

  • How can I tell if the doctor is a good one?

    In our magazine, you can find useful articles on this subject, such as how find a paediatrician, for example.

  • Can I stay with my family doctor if I switch health insurance?

    Whether you can stay with the same family doctor depends on which health insurance model you have chosen. To find out, click on the “Medical costs too high?” button on the doctor’s profile page. We will show you how you can switch health insurance, save money, and keep your chosen family doctor. You just need to select your health insurance model and enter your postcode and year of birth. You will then see an overview of all the health insurance plans that are available for your chosen family doctor. Check that the doctor icon is displayed on the listed health insurance products.

    If you chose an insurance model that does not allow a free choice of doctor, this information will also be displayed to you. If a free choice of doctor is important to you, you can switch to the standard model at any time. Our partner Optimatis (website in German only) will be happy to help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

  • Which family doctors are permitted under my health insurance?

    After you have submitted a search enquiry, you will see the green “Check now” button above the search results. Click this button, then choose your current health insurer and your first point of contact in the event of illness (any doctor, family doctor, group practice or medical helpline). Choose “Show results” to update your search results and only display doctors and practices that are available to you under your health insurance model.