Healthcare and pensions

Pillar 3a

There is a growing need for private pensions. Compare the interest rates and conditions of pensions offered by banks and insurance companies.

Medical directory

This is an independent directory of over 33,000 practising doctors in Switzerland. You can use it to find your nearest family doctor or specialist as well as access useful information about the various medical fields. 


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Hospital comparison

If you need to go to hospital and are unsure which one to choose, compare patient experience for useful guidance.

Spitex employee with patient – care and support

Spitex comparison

Find a suitable Spitex organization and calculate the maximum cost you would need to pay yourself each year for care services.

More useful information

The pension system 
The pension system in Switzerland is based on the three pillars of state pension, occupational pension and private pension. More...
Hospital comparison FAQs 
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Cost of Spitex services
The cost varies from canton to canton. Calculate the maximum annual costs you would be required to pay for home care, and receive information on the cost of day-to-day help and support. Calculate now
Rate your hospital 
Rate your hospital and help us create transparency. Rate hospital now
Latest health news 
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