Other legal provisions

The use of the intermediation services is free of charge for the user; the consultation services that the broker provides are also free. The user does not have to pay any user fees or provide any compensation for expenses.

The services of Optimatis and the broker are financed via commissions, brokerage fees and additional compensation that the broker receives from the insured person for his services which he shares with Optimatis on the basis of a key agreed to between Optimatis and the broker. The user authorises the broker to make available to Optimatis all information in this regard and also authorises Optimatis to request information in this regard from the broker.

The commission for a policy is typically between  0-15% of the annual premium (one-time closing commission) and/or 0-15% per year (sales commission, i.e. brokerage). In addition, additional compensation for the insurance companies based on volume, growth or claims in the amount of 2-60% of the closing commissions for the premium volumes brokered per year is also possible. The user has the right to information with respect to the amount of the commissions, brokerage fees and additional compensation received in his case. The user is to make use of this right directly with the broker. The user declares that the compensation for the services rendered under this agreement shall take place indirectly through the insurance companies or through the participation of Optimatis in the commissions, brokerages, and additional compensation paid by the insurance companies to the brokers and, as a result, he waives the restitution of commissions, brokerages or additional compensation.

In the event of discrepancies between the English and other versions of the respective terms and conditions, the German version prevails.