Car marketplace


When buying a used car in a garage, there is usually a guarantee of at least 3 months. The guarantee should cover the cost of all parts and labour resulting from repairs. There should not be any exclusions. If there are, these should be deleted from the small print in the contract.

If you are buying a new car, you should delete any clauses that enable the vendor to increase the price should there be a delay in delivery.

If a guarantee for a certain period or the exclusion of a guarantee have not been agreed, the legal guarantee is valid for one year (according to art. 210, O. law). The legal warranty claim covers more than the benefits of a guarantee for most standard contracts.

For a sale without guarantee, assured characteristics, such as make, model, mileage, freedom from accidents, construction year, etc. are still guaranteed.

Private individuals selling their vehicle to a garage do not have to provide a guarantee, since private individuals cannot be assumed to have sufficient technical knowledge or to be able to identify flaws.

The vendor is required by law to describe the condition of the vehicle and to mention any known damage.