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Permanent residence abroad

First, ask about an insurance solution in your country of residence since health insurance may be mandatory there. For detailed information please contact their consulate or embassy in Switzerland.

Regulations for individuals living in the EU:

  • Such individuals must only comply with one country's laws.
  • Generally, one holds insurance from the country of employment or past employment.
  • The self-employed working in one country and being employed in another must buy insurance from the country in which they earn the major part of their income.
  • Individuals working in several countries must buy insurance from their country of residence.
  • Unemployed individuals must hold insurance from the country paying unemployment benefits.
  • Information for cross-border commuters
  • Information for Swiss pensioners living in the EU

    Continuation of Swiss basic health insurance may be kept under the following circumstances:
  • if the holder is abroad with a Swiss company or authority, Swiss basic health insurance may be kept from 2 to 6 years (within the EU since bilateral agreements were implemented: 1 year, may be extended to 2 years. Further extension may be requested if an agreement between Switzerland and the particular EU country exists).
  • if the holder does not move residence out of Switzerland, Swiss insurance may be kept. In order to keep up payments, he may wish to consider direct debit.

    If all possible solutions listed above are out of the question, you may opt for international health insurance or out-of-country health insurance (supplementary health insurance with coverage identical to that provided by basic health insurance) from a Swiss provider.

    International health insurance:

    In any case, wait until the provider of international insurance has accepted your application without reservation before terminating existing supplementary health insurance.

    Some providers of supplementary health insurance will allow you to keep insurance for a limited period of time. Holders are usually able to suspend coverage within a certain time range if their provider will reactivate insurance without additional risk assessment.
  • IHI (International Health Insurance) products are available in Switzerland from Visana, Supra and Groupe Mutuel (via Advisory Services Network).
  • Sanitas, Intras and Kolping sell a product called "Swiss Medical" in collaboration with IHI. You will find further information on this product under ASN Ltd.
  • CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits offers various insurance solutions for individuals, companies (and their expatriates).
  • CSS and AIG provide the so-called International Health Plan.
  • Swica sells their own product called "Global Care".
  • Swiss Insurance Partners SIP specialises in the international insurance products of domestic and foreign insurers.
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