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Accident coverage

Health insurance with accident coverage

Compulsory health insurance (basic health insurance) with accident coverage covers treatment costs in case of illness and accidents. The policyholder is entitled to treatment, room and board in the general ward of the closest hospital. For these benefits, the policyholder will have to pay a contribution to costs. If emergency treatment abroad is necessary, basic health insurance will cover up to twice the amount the same treatment would have cost in Switzerland. Accident insurance is compulsory for children. They are insured against accident risks with the health insurance provider.

Buy health insurance without accident coverage and lower your premiums

If you work for the same employer for at least 8 hours per week, you are automatically entitled to accident coverage (i.e. insured according to the Federal Accident Insurance Act, UVG). This means you can buy health insurance without accident coverage without any concern. Depending on your provider, your premium rates will decrease by up to 10 percent. Accident coverage provided by employers (UVG) covers accidents that happen both inside and outside of work, i.e. during your time off. As soon as such accident coverage no longer applies, policyholders must notify their provider. Then accident coverage will be reactivated and premiums will rise back to their original level.

If you receive daily compensation for salary loss, SUVA will provide you with accident coverage. Insurance protection ends 30 days after the end of the claim for unemployment benefits. The policyholder has the possibility of stretching the insurance protection to up to 180 days by taking out interim accident insurance. For this, the policyholder must contact the responsible SUVA agency before the regular insurance protection expires.

Please note: Accident coverage provided by employers (UVG) offers far better protection than coverage provided by basic health insurance (KVG including accident coverage). Persons covered through their employer are not required to pay any contribution to costs. There is also further coverage for serious accidents such as a daily allowance for salary loss, disability and survivor's pensions, integrity and attendance allowances and partial payment of funeral costs.

Supplementary health insurance with accident coverage

If you want the right to semi-private (2-bed room) or private (1-bed room) hospital treatment after an accident, or you wish to choose the hospital or doctor yourself, you must buy supplementary hospital insurance with accident coverage if your employer does not provide the employees with such coverage (UVG).

If, after an accident, you do not wish to forgo outpatient therapy in certain areas, such as non-medical psychotherapy or naturopathic treatment, you will need to buy supplementary outpatient's health insurance with accident coverage if this is not already provided by your employer.

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