Cancellation deadlines, correct cancellation letters, taking out new insurance

How to cancel your insurance and get a new policy without any problems

We show you how you can easily cancel your current insurance policy and switch to a different company in just four steps. This article contains a wealth of information, tips and templates on the subject of cancelling various insurance policies in Switzerland. Once you have read it, you will know your rights and be familiar with the various deadlines. What is more, you can create all templates for cancellation letters directly online and download them free of charge.

Below is an overview of the Comparis pages that provide information on the respective rights, deadlines and formal requirements as well as useful templates for download:


Rights and deadlines

Every insurance policy has its own cancellation rights and deadlines, which you must comply with when terminating the policy unilaterally. Health insurance, for example, can be cancelled as of the end of a year subject to either a one-month or a three-month notice period, depending on whether it is a basic or a supplementary insurance policy. By contrast, most property insurance contracts can only be terminated with effect from their expiry date. The precise arrangements depend on the policy and the provider. To find out the exact cancellation deadline, you should therefore consult the general conditions of insurance.

Cancellations of insurance policies as described above are known as ordinary cancellations. In some situations, there are also extraordinary reasons for terminating insurance policies. These include, for example, a general premium increase by the health insurer. Covered car insurance claims also give the policyholder the right to terminate the policy. An overview of the extraordinary reasons for cancellation can be found under the above links to the various types of insurance.

Form of cancellation and how to send it

You should pay particular attention to form when cancelling an insurance policy. It is essential to adhere to the following rules: All cancellations must use something known as “qualified written form” (qualifizierte Schriftlichkeit). This means that you must compose the cancellation letter in writing and then sign it by hand. The letter must include your name, your address, the current date and the reason for cancellation. Under “Cancellation letter” in the above list of our cancellation services, you can create a sample letter using your basic data.

It is essential that you stick to the specific termination deadlines, as cancellation letters submitted late are not valid, meaning that your policy will be tacitly extended for a further year. You must also bear in mind that the key date is not the date of the postmark but the time at which the recipient receives the cancellation letter. The risk of delays in postal delivery (due to bank holidays or absences, for example) is borne by the sender. To prevent any disputes, it is advisable to send the cancellation letter in plenty of time by registered mail. You can also ask your insurer for a confirmation of receipt to be on the safe side.