Product details – Epona

  • General conditions

    Age limits
    Admission from the age of 2 months (health certificate required from the age of 5 years).

    Qualifying period
    Period of time after the effective date of the insurance contract, during which no claims can be made. This is 6 months for chronic diseases and 12 months for congenital diseases and/or birth defects.
  • Benefits covered

    Epona covers 60-90% of the costs of the following services, depending on the selected model:
    • Vet fees for consultation and treatment including costs of analysis and lab
    • Radiology and imaging methods (MRI, ultrasound, etc.)
    • Surgical interventions
    • Homoeopathy administered by a vet
    • Acupuncture administered by a vet
    • Osteopathy
    • Vaccinations
    • Accommodation and food in veterinary practice
    • Drugs or remedies necessary for healing that were prescribed or dispensed by a vet
    • Emergency transportation by animal ambulance
    • Prescribed stay at the animal hospital
    • Cost of euthanasia


    Benefits under the epona.totalcare package:

    • Hereditary and/or congenital conditions
    • Up to 20% of cost of dietetic feed and food supplements prescribed by a vet that are not for prophylaxis
    • Cost of psychotherapy and treatment of behavioural disorders administered by a vet; up to CHF 200 per year


    Benefits under the epona.viva package:

    • One-time compensation of CHF 400 in the event of the pet's death due to illness and/or accident upon presentation of a confirmation of the pet's death by the vet

    You can find detailed information in the general insurance conditions of Epona Insurance.

  • Benefits excluded

    • Vet fees for initial examination and cost of vet reports in the event of a claim as well as postage and invoice fees
    • Implantation of a microchip
    • Preventive examination
    • Medical conditions or consequences of an accident that occurred before the contract became effective or during the qualifying period
    • Interventions of plastic or reconstructive surgery for aesthetic purposes and their consequences as well as corrective interventions not necessary for the animal's recovery
    • Dental treatment
    • Damage inflicted to the animal on purpose by the owner or persons under the owner's responsibility
    • Impaired health due to competitions or training sessions during which the animal has to face other animals
    • Psychotherapy
    • Treatment of behavioural disorders, particularly in aggressive animals
    • Infectious diseases except in animals that have been vaccinated regularly
    • Cost of stay in a health care centre, convalescent institution or hospital without necessary treatment by a vet

    You can find detailed information in the general insurance conditions of Epona.
  • Deductible, bonus system and sum insured

    Optional deductibles
    The deductible as stipulated in the contract is due once per calendar year. It varies depending on the product:
    • CHF 0 (Epona Prima)
    • CHF 100 (Epona Optima)
    • CHF 300 (Epona Optima)
    • CHF 500 (Epona Optima/Epona Ultima+)
    • CHF 1000 (Epona Ultima)

    Sums insured per year
    The sum insured varies depending on the product:
    • CHF 1000 (Epona Prima)
    • CHF 5000 (Epona Optima)
    • CHF 50,000 (Epona Ultima+/ Epona Ultima)

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