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UPC to rely on Swisscom quality in the future

UPC will increase the quality of its services by using the Swisscom mobile network. Source: iStock

UPC began offering attractive mobile packages for the whole of Switzerland on the Salt mobile network in 2015 and has reported continuous growth ever since, with customer numbers already reaching more than 100,000. The company has now decided that in future, it will use the Swisscom mobile network for its mobile packages. The changeover is scheduled to take place at the start of 2019.

Rated “outstanding” in a recent test by connect magazine, the Swisscom mobile network has won UPC over – in future, customers will be able to benefit from attractive offers and outstanding network coverage throughout Switzerland. UPC does not want to offer its customers just a good network: it wants to give them the very best.

Focus on presence, expansion and high quality

By making this choice, UPC will be able to continue expanding its presence on the Swiss mobile communications market in the coming years. Since the company entered the mobile market in spring 2015 on the network then known as Orange (now Salt), Switzerland’s mobile infrastructure has changed considerably. Thanks to the Swisscom network, UPC customers will get the best possible package in terms of connectivity and entertainment.

Jean-Claude Frick, Digital Expert at, describes the switch from Salt to Swisscom as follows: “UPC’s move to Swisscom is a heavy blow for the mobile service provider Salt, which has made its mobile network available to UPC until now. The poor performance in network tests over recent months has now had tangible consequences in the form of Salt losing its biggest customer. For Swisscom, the cooperation with UPC is a welcome commission which shows that the most dominant player on the Swiss mobile communications market has no qualms about offering its services to competitors.”

Same customer service – better quality

With Swisscom, UPC has chosen a provider which also plays a leading role in the implementation of new technologies. Salt will remain UPC’s mobile network operator (MNO) until the changeover to the Swisscom network. After that, UPC will move automatically to the new Swisscom network – customers will not have to do anything. As a result, there will be no changes to the plans and products for UPC mobile customers.