Who needs legal protection insurance?

Insurance for legal protection

Comparis tips for private insurance for legal protection

  • Before concluding private liability insurance, assess your risk of larger legal conflicts, e.g. involving your employer, landlord or purchase, lease and other contracts or assignments.
  • Keep in mind that legal proceedings concerning labour involving an amount of up to CHF 30,000, arbitration for rental disputes and court proceedings for social insurance are free of charge. There is also the possibility of coverage for legal representation if deemed necessary and not financially possible.
  • Helsana offers a cheap product for supplementary ambulatory health insurance called 'Top', which includes coverage for legal protection concerning health matters. This product is worth considering if you already are a holder of supplementary ambulatory insurance and do not really want to buy separate insurance for extensive legal protection. This protection only applies to conflicts with doctors, hospitals (e.g. for incorrect treatment), social and private liability insurance providers (e.g. for pension claims) as well as claim enforcement from liable third parties.

Comparis tip for motor legal insurance:

  • It is worthwhile for all individuals to contemplate buying motor legal insurance protection, not just for vehicle drivers, but also for pedestrians, especially for matters involving back injury, whiplash, extent of pension or level of inability to work, which may very quickly result in costly lawsuits. Yearly premiums are relatively low compared with fees for legal representation.

General tips for legal protection insurance

  • First, check to see whether you already have insurance for legal protection (may be included in health or other insurance or you may be protected as a union member or if you belong to a tenants' association etc.).
  • Premiums may vary by over 100% which makes ordering several offers quite worthwhile.
  • If possible, choose insurance for legal protection which will allow you to select your own lawyer. Lawyers employed by insurance companies have a tendency to consent to hasty agreements or declare possible lawsuits futile. Lawyers active on the open market are not subject to pressure concerning trial costs.
  • Choose an insurance product for legal protection which you may terminate each year.