Questions on legal protection

  • What has to be considered with legal protection insurance?

    • Does traffic legal protection also cover disputes concerning purchase, sale, rent or repair of the vehicle?
    • Does personal legal protection cover all important contractual disputes (purchase, rent, contract for loans, work and services, assignments as well as arguments with insurance companies)?
    • Does the company at least cover a one-time consultation in the case of not-covered disputes (e.g. family or succession law)?
    • You should only conclude short-term contracts. This way, the policy can be adjusted to the currently required protection.
  • What can be insured?

    Basically, personal and motor legal protectin can be taken out as insurance. However, when it comes to the benefits there are variations between the different insurance providers.

    Disputes of public law (private individuals vs. the state) are principally excluded. However, disputes with public insurance providers (e.g. IV - Invalidity Insurance) are covered.

    Also excluded are disputes concerning fiscal, alien, criminal and building law.

    For self-employed persons, disputes from their business sector are not covered.

  • How to proceed in the case of damage?

    The damage or dispute has to be reported to the insurance provider immediately. If you wait too long, you risk that the insurance company cuts your benefits by the amount which increased the costs of the case due to the late notification. However, the insurance company cannot completely refuse coverage of the claim due to this reason.

    Before you call in a lawyer or take further legal steps you should definitely inform the insurance company. With the consent of the insurance company you can be sure that the benefits are also refunded.

  • When can I cancel my policy?

    You can cancel your insurance policy when it expires. However, your cancellation letter must be received by the insurance company 3 months before expiry, otherwise the policy will be tacitly renewed for 1 year.

    You can also cancel in the event of a claim, but only if the claim is covered. In this case, the policyholder must cancel within 14 days of being notified of the claim payment at the latest.

    Since this insurance is subject exclusively to Swiss law, the policy can also be cancelled if you move abroad, as the risk expires. In this case, you will need confirmation of your de-registration from the registration office of your Swiss place of residence.

  • What is the coverage in the areas of family, divorce and succession law?

    Generally not insured are private, family and succession law proceedings. However, various companies offer a free legal consultation by their in-house attorneys.

  • From when does insurance protection apply?

    Generally only legal cases are covered of which the causing event occurs during the contract duration and that is reported. Also, in some areas, a three-month waiting period applies from the date of conclusion, as some disputes are predictable - especially concerning contracts such as e.g. in the case of termination of a flat.

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