Migros Cumulus-Mastercard

General information

No bank account required
Credit assessment according to the Federal Law on Consumer Credit.

Annual fee
Main card 1st year CHF 0.00
Following year CHF 0.00
Additional card 1st year CHF 0.00
Additional card subsequent year CHF 0.00
Loss of credit card (cancellation, substitute cards) CHF 20.00
Cash withdrawal at an ATM
In Switzerland 3.75%
Minimal amount per withdrawal CHF 5.00
Abroad 3.75%
Minimum amount per withdrawal CHF 10.00
Purchases abroad
Foreign currency conversion (exchange sell rate) plus service charge 1.50%
Conditions for partial payment
Installments possible Yes
Annual interest 11.95%


  • Capital sum in the event of an accident: CHF 300,000
  • Delayed flight: CHF 500
  • Coverage in the event of the airline's insolvency: CHF 2,000
  • Coverage of legal expenses when abroad: CHF 250,000 in Europe, CHF 50,000 worldwide

Rewards scheme

Cumulus- Points
1 CHF turnover inside Migros group
= 1 Cumulus- Point
3 CHF turnover outside Migros group
= 1 Cumulus- Point
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