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Migros Cumulus-MasterCard MyDesign

Cembra Money Bank AG   Migros Cumulus-MasterCard MyDesign
General information
  • No annual fee, but one-time fee of CHF 30 in the first year
  • No bank account required
  • Credit check according to Swiss Consumer Credit Act
Monthly spending limit CHF 1,000 - 15,000
Annual fee
1st year CHF 30.00
Following year CHF 0.00
Reduced annual fee N/A
Additional card 1st year CHF 0.00
Additional card subsequent year CHF 0.00
Loss of credit card (cancellation, substitute cards) CHF 20.00
Cash withdrawal at an ATM
In Switzerland 3.75%
Minimal amount for each withdrawal CHF 5.00
Abroad 3.75%
Minimum amount per withdrawal CHF 10.00
Purchases abroad
Foreign currency conversion (exchange sell rate) plus service charge Note: payments in CHF outside Switzerland are also subject to a processing fee of 1.5%
Conditions for payment by installments
Installments possible Yes
Annual interest 9.90%
Further provisions
  • Capital sum in the event of an accident: CHF 300,000
  • Delayed flight: CHF 500
  • Coverage in the event of the airline's insolvency: CHF 2,000
  • Coverage of legal expenses when abroad:
    CHF 250,000 in Europe, CHF 50,000 worldwide
Bonus programme Cumulus Points
1 CHF turnover inside Migros group
= 1 Cumulus- Point
2 CHF turnover outside Migros group
= 1 Cumulus- Point
Membership fee --