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InsuranceHealth insuranceChanging your health insurance model: did you know...
Switching insurers

Changing your health insurance model: did you know...


You can save several hundred francs by cleverly changing your insurance model. Source: iStock / sturti

Almost a third of people in Switzerland have the wrong basic insurance because they have selected a model that does not correspond to their needs. Many policyholders do not know that, in many cases, it is possible to change one's model as of the next month.

With regard to the mandatory basic insurance, Swiss policyholders have not only free choice of providers, but also free choice of models. Besides the standard model, which offers free choice of doctors, there are also the family doctor, HMO and Telmed models.

Depending on the model, you can, on the one hand, define the procedure to follow in case of illness and, on the other hand, also optimise the monthly premium for you and your family. However, besides easing the burden on your personal budget, the alternative models also help to curb the increase in health care costs without compromising the quality of medical care.

Savings potential of over 500 million francs

According to a representative survey conducted by the Link Institute on behalf of, 31 percent of the Swiss population, i.e. 1.8 million people, have selected a model that does not really meet their needs.

Many policyholders are unaware of the fact that it is possible to save several hundred francs per year by switching from the wrong model to the right model for them! It was calculated that, by optimising all Swiss policyholders' models, roughly half a billion francs could be saved.

How to change your model as of next month already

Changing one's model during the year is possible in the following cases:

  • With any health insurance company, holders of a standard model with a deductible of 300 francs may switch to one of their provider's alternative models as of the following month all year round. Beyond this legally required minimum, some insurers also allow those policyholders with a higher deductible to make such a switch.
  • Furthermore, various health insurers enable their customers to switch between certain alternative models as of the next first of the month. A survey from among the 22 largest Swiss health insurance companies shows that most providers offer this possibility. However, the modalities vary. In most cases, there are no restrictions regarding a change from one alternative model to another during the year. 

We recommend directly enquiring with your provider's customer service whether there are any special provisions exceeding the legal requirements. Note: the amount of the deductible can only be changed with effect from the following year.

And in the following case, changing models during the year is not permitted:

  • Those who already hold an alternative model are not entitled to switch to the standard model during the year.

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