Switching insurers

The health insurance countdown has started – there are only a few days left to switch

The countdown has started – there's now only a few days left to switch insurers. Source: iStock

Anyone wanting to leave their current health insurer in order to take advantage of lower premiums elsewhere can do so until 30 November. If you have not yet taken action, now’s the time to do so, as the countdown is on. And before you know it you’ll have missed out on potential savings.

No-one wants to pay more than they have to for their health insurance. So compare premiums, choose a cheaper insurer and cancel the old insurance policy by 30 November.

But remember, if you haven’t sent off your cancellation letter, you should hurry, as it has to reach the insurance company by 30 November at the absolute latest (make sure you send it by registered mail!) – otherwise the current insurance policy will remain in force and you’ll be paying too much again next year.

And don't forget: you have until 30 December to take out a new basic health insurance policy , as long as you cancelled the existing one by the deadline.


Want to cancel supplemental insurance?

Is your health insurer increasing its premiums at the beginning of the year? If so, you can cancel your insurance at short notice. Some insurers give you until the end of the year to send your written cancellation, others only until the end of November or up to one month after notification of the premium adjustment.

Generally, the provisions stated in the insurance conditions of your supplemental insurance apply (e.g. one month from notification of higher premiums or per year end). So remember: read the insurance conditions carefully or ask your health insurer directly.

If you have more than one supplemental insurance policy with a health insurer – such as an out-patient policy and a hospital policy – the rules vary depending on the health insurer. Some companies only allow you to cancel the insurance policy affected by the premium adjustment, whereas with others you can cancel all supplemental insurance policies.

Extraordinary cancellation is also possible if you go into a more expensive age group with your insurer.