I don't want any marketing calls.

An increasing number of consumers complain about calls from persons trying to sell insurance, newspaper subscriptions, promotional trips, wine and other things.
Since 1 April 2012, there has been an advertising ban on all entries in the telephone directory marked with an asterisk, offering protection against unwanted calls according to the Federal Act on Unfair Competition (UWG, Art. 3u).

  • If you do not want to receive any marketing calls, you can request your entry in the telephone directory to be marked with an *.
  • If you do not mind marketing calls, you do not need an asterisk entry in the telephone directory.
Check your telephone directory entry now. We are happy to help you.

Do I already have an entry on local.ch?

Please check whether you already have an entry on local.ch. You can do this by entering either your telephone number or your full name in the "Search for" field.
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Misuse can be reported via comparis.ch. To do so, just open the form, complete it and send it. comparis.ch will use public relations and intervene with the authorities in charge to make sure that the asterisk entry is respected.