Doctor or midwife? Pregnant women now get to choose

A new option for pregnant women.

Numerous small changes were made to the Health Insurance Benefits Ordinance in the new year. One of the most important affects expectant mothers: They can now choose to have all their planned check-ups carried out by a midwife.

In January each year, the benefits catalogue of the basic health insurance is updated to reflect new developments and requirements in the field of healthcare. 2017 is no exception, with a series of changes that will directly or indirectly affect policyholders. The most significant – and much-debated – change this year pertains to pregnant women, who will now enjoy the freedom to choose who will perform their preventive and routine check-ups. Previously there was no choice – only doctors were permitted to do this. As of this year, women will be able to have a midwife carry out their antenatal check-ups if they prefer.

A further change is that, as of January 2017, mandatory health insurance will cover pharmacogenetic testing, a procedure that is used to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy or HIV treatment.

Complete overview of benefits

As well as these updates, there is a series of other changes to the Health Insurance Benefits Ordinance (KLV). Click here for an overview of the benefits provided by the mandatory health insurance (KVG).