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Health insurance: 2016 Efficiency Awards go to Sodalis and Visana

| presents the Efficiency Award in the categories of “Regional health insurer” and “National health insurer” for the fifth time. Source: iStock / SARINYAPINNGAM

Efficient health insurance providers are key to a sustainable healthcare system in Switzerland. The generally low administration overhead for basic insurance is a sign that competition between the different insurers has a positive effect on their efficiency. With its annual Efficiency Award, Internet comparison service singles out the health insurers with the lowest proportion of administration costs with respect to the premium volume.

This is the fifth time that has presented the Efficiency Award in the categories of “Regional health insurer” and “National health insurer”. bases its calculations on official supervisory data from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). This data shows that it is possible to keep administration costs low despite increases in the regulatory burden.

With administration costs amounting to 3.0 per cent of the premium volume each, the winners from the previous year were able to retain their positions:

  • Sodalis Gesundheitsgruppe secures top place in the “Regional health insurer” category.
  • Visana takes the lead in the “National health insurer” category.

Second place in the “National health insurer” category went to Vivacare with costs of of 3.4 per cent, followed by Atupri in third place with 3.5 per cent. In the “Regional health insurer” category, KK Luzerner Hinterland achieved second place with 3.2 per cent, ahead of third-placed KK Visperterminen with 3.6 per cent.

Further reductions in administration costs

In 2016, health insurers succeeded in further streamlining their administration activities compared to the previous year, when the administration costs incurred averaged 5.7 per cent of the premium volume across all providers. The proportion of these costs decreased by 0.2 per cent to 5.5 per cent in 2016, which represents some 160 francs per person insured per year (source: FOPH). Efficiency Label also recognises the efficiency of the quarter of health insurers reporting the lowest administration costs. The upper limit this year is 4.2 per cent of the premium volume (previous year: 4.4 per cent). In other words, all those health insurance companies reporting administration costs lower than 4.2 per cent are eligible for the Efficiency Label from

The following health insurers were placed in the lowest quarter and were awarded the Efficiency Label by

Health insurer Administration costs in %
1. Sodalis
2. Visana (a company of the Visana Group)
3. KK Luzerner Hinterland
4. Vivacare (a company of the Visana Group)
5. Atupri
6. Klug
7. KK Visperterminen
8. Sana24 (a company of the Visana Group)
9. Galenos
10. Sumiswalder KK
11. Cassa da malsauns Lumneziana
12. CSS
13. KK Simplon
14. KK Einsiedeln

Healthy competition supports sustainable compulsory health insurance and healthy competition between providers. By creating this annual Efficiency Award, is demonstrating its commitment to keeping administration costs down through competition.


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