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Health insurance - Index

Glossary - Health insurance
Basic and supplementary health insurance
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Basic insurance
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  Cancelling basic insurance
  Basic insurance – benefits according to KVG
  Accident coverage
  Basic insurance – benefits according to KVG
  Out-of-pocket expenses for basic insurance
  Deductible (franchise)  /  Coinsurance in basic insurance
  Health insurance models
  Standard basic insurance
  HMO (up to 25% off premiums)
  List of HMO practices
  Family doctor model (up to 20% off premiums)
  Telmed (up to 15% discount)
  Other models (up to 10% off premiums)
Supplemental insurance
  Useful information on changing insurers
  Supplemental insurance
  Insurance classes
  New admission
  Second opinion
  Deductible for supplemental insurance
  Reservations / provisos / qualifications
Cross-border insurance solutions

  Permanent residence abroad
  Foreigners not residing in Switzerland looking for insurance
  Tourists and guests to Switzerland looking for an insurance solution
  Swiss pensioners with residence in an EU/EFTA country
  Health insurance
More information
  Save on basic insurance
  Individual premium reduction in the cantons (IPR)
  List of health insurance providers and their membership numbers
  Advisory bodies for policyholders – Ombudsperson for Health Insurance, Federal offices and associations
  Information about
  Policy concerning health insurance comparisons
  Discussion forum for health insurance
  Press articles
Law and regulations

  Health Insurance Act (KVG) Federal law on health insurance
  Health Insurance Benefits Ordinance Health insurance regulations
  Health Insurance Benefits Ordinance Care service regulations


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