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Offered by the Helsana Group

Progrès - Premium development

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  • Customer satisfaction  (2017)   5.1
Premium calculation is based on a deductible rate of CHF 300 (deductible rate of CHF 0 in case of children) with inclusion of accidents. When selecting a canton, premium region 1 will be displayed. Not all insurances are on offer in every canton. Where a specific insurance is not available, the premium development view will remain empty.

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    I have been insured with Progès for 2 years and chose them because of the price. Although everything was more or less OK once they finally got all my data correct in their computer system, this took a long time due to their complete incompetence. I told them my correct address several times but they More

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Customer satisfaction with Progrès

Here you can find information on customer satisfaction and learn what experiences other Comparis users had with the insurance company.

5.1 Competence and helpfulness of employees
5.1 Statements (clarity, prompt payment, goodwill etc.)
4.9 Clarity and comprehensibility of customer information
5.1 Overall rating

Comparis Rating

  • Mark 6.0 – 5.5: excellent
  • Mark 5.4 – 5.0: good
  • Mark 4.9 – 4.5: satisfactory
  • Mark 4.4 – 4.0: adequate
  • Mark 3.9 – 1.0: inadequate

Progrès - efficiency of administration

Administrative costs

5.5% of premiums

Collection of data 11/2016

When is a health insurance company efficient?

Health insurance companies are considered efficient
if their administrative costs are less than 4.2% of premiums.

Offered by the Helsana Group

Progrès – company details

Reserves of the health insurer Progrès 2014 2015
Number of policyholders 180,906 391,716
Reserves in millions of CHF 175.4 181.6
Minimum reserves in millions of CHF 108.8 114.3
Solvency ratio 161.0% 159.0% displays the supervision data published by the FOPH. does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. Last updated: 26.09.2016

How to contact Progrès

Progrès Versicherungen AG
8081 Zürich
Tel. 043 340 11 12
Fax 043 340 01 11

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Number of policyholders

Average number of policyholders in the previous year (basic insurance only).

Reserves in millions of CHF

Including reserves for optional daily benefits insurance.

Minimum reserves in millions of CHF

Since 2012, the minimum amount of reserves has been determined based on a model that takes the insurance companies' individual risks into account (Health Insurance Act (KVG) solvency test, cf. Art. 78ff Health Insurance Ordinance (KVV)). Insurance companies whose reserves are below the minimum amount (solvency ratio < 100%) are subject to the old reserve requirements until 2016.

Solvency ratio

The solvency ratio indicates the ratio between the existing reserves and the minimum amount.



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