Apartment type


A living unit not fitting into any special category is simply referred to as an "apartment".


Special categories include:

  • Loft

    Former factories, warehouses and workshops converted into residential space. They generally have no built-in features except for bathroom and kitchen facilities. The architecture of the building remains the same with large industrial windows, cast-iron columns, steel beams, etc. as well as large rooms and high ceilings that give the apartment its charm.

  • Maisonette

    An apartment with at least two levels.

  • Studio

    Small one-room apartment with limited kitchen facilities.

  • Penthouse

    Top floor apartment with private terrace.

  • Attic apartment

    Top floor apartment with sloped walls and no balcony.

  • Single-family house

    A stand-alone house intended for one family to live in. In comparison to apartments, very few single-family homes are rented out. In addition, the rental price is based on other criteria than those for apartments.