Applying for an apartment

Applying for your dream apartment – what do you need?

It is advisable to enclose a copy of the following documents in order to improve your chances at getting your dream apartment.

  • Record of debt collection: You can order this document either online or at the counter of the debt enforcement office at your place of residence.
  • Duly completed application form, which you are given by the landlord or management.
  • Details of former landlord
  • References: often need to be provided on the application form (good references from your current landlord or employer)

A personal cover letter with a picture can often be a real plus. In the cover letter you should explain why you are the right tenant for this apartment.

If so requested, you can also enclose a copy of a personal ID. A copy of your employment contract or salary certificate is generally not required.

Here you can find a list from the tenants' association (Mieterverband) containing the questions landlords are generally allowed to ask (in German only).