Location factors

Information on location factors is made available by Ernst Basler + Partner AG. Location factors are not based on the data of the property but rather on the address. Calculation of the various location factors is based on a digital elevation model with a 25-meter grid cell size. Despite this relatively good depiction of reality, it is still just an approximation. The values therefore differ partly from reality. First and foremost you should trust the details from the original listing.

Ground level is in meters above sea level. Vegetation and buildings are depicted with an accuracy of about five to ten meters.

Steepness of the terrain is in degrees.

The location of a slope with regard to the surface normal is exposition (orientation). The exposition direction is given in degrees relative to North (0-360 degrees).

  • Exposition = 0°: Northern slope (shady side)
  • Exposition = 90°: Eastern slope with much morning sunshine
  • Exposition = 180°: Southern slope (sunny side)
  • Exposition = 270°: Western slope with much evening sunshine (though in central Europe this direction is also more exposed to weather). In flat terrain exposition is not applicable.

Evaluation of the view onto the broadest possible landscape area. View is calculated with a radius of 30 km using a view height of 2 m above the ground. Meteorological conditions are not taken into consideration.

Sunshine Duration
Theoretical duration of sunshine assuming a cloudless and clear atmosphere at a particular location. In addition to the duration of sunshine in summer, that for winter is also given. The summer date of June 21, 2008 (summer solstice) and winter date of December 21, 2008 (winter solstice) are used.

For further information: Ernst Basler + Partner AG (only in German)