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Renewing an existing mortgage

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Now’s the time to take stock of your situation. Track mortgage rate trends. Compare a range of deals. It’s often worth switching to a different lender.

A step-by-step guide to renewing your mortgage

  1. Choose the right time to extend or refinance your mortgage.
  2. Check the latest interest rates offered by mortgage lenders (compare lenders).
  3. Request quotes from the lenders of your choice (ideally on the same day to ensure comparability).
  4. Decide on a lender, terminate your old mortgage (termination reminder) and sign the new agreement.
  5. The new lender transfers the money to the old lender and a redemption statement is created.
  6. The mortgage renewal is now complete.

Don't worry if you are uncomfortable comparing deals and negotiating with lenders, or are not sure which lender offers the product you're looking for. You're not alone! This is why HypoPlus takes care of the task of comparing the offers of over 50 banks, insurance companies, pension funds and investment funds for you. Thanks to longstanding partnerships with the lenders, it can then negotiate the cheapest rates and secure the best mortgage deal for your needs.

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What should I bear in mind when remortgaging?


Should I extend my mortgage or switch lender?

When a mortgage is about to end, it’s time to consider how to refinance it. Homeowners now have two options to choose from: extending or switching.

Find out which is most worthwhile


Current interest rates

Find out the latest interest rates and discover how mortgage rates have changed over time. Choose your canton and compare lenders and repayment terms.

Current interest rates in Switzerland


Overview of lenders

Compare the mortgage rates currently offered by different lenders and find the right provider to finance your property purchase.

Compare lenders


About HypoPlus

Whether you want to buy a property or renew your mortgage, HypoPlus can help you find the right solution. Tailored advice from mortgage experts ensures that the chosen mortgage strategy perfectly fits your requirements.

Learn more about HypoPlus

Personal consultation

Do you need advice tailored to your specific situation? The experts at HypoPlus compare the mortgage deals offered by a range of lenders and establish the best solution for your needs.
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