Cost of Spitex services

Calculate the maximum annual costs to be borne by the insured persons themselves for home care, and receive information on the cost of day-to-day help and support.

Calculate home care costs

Client’s details

Place of residence
The patient contribution is different in each canton, so we need to know your place/canton of residence in order to be able to calculate it correctly.
Age group
Since patients under 18 years of age are exempt from the patient contribution in most cantons, the age group must be specified so that the patient contribution can be calculated correctly.
Along with coinsurance, the deductible is a contribution by the insured persons towards the doctor’s, hospital and care costs and the cost of medicines. It ranges from 300 to 2,500 francs per year for adults and 0 to 600 francs per year for children. It can be changed on an annual basis. The higher the chosen deductible, the lower the health insurance premium.
Cost of day-to-day help and support

The term “day-to-day help and support” refers to psychosocial and domestic/housekeeping services. It does not include medical care services and therefore is not covered by basic health insurance. The costs may, however, be reimbursed via supplemental insurance, if available. The client will therefore be invoiced separately for these services. The range of services and the costs can vary according to the organization and may in certain circumstances be higher than the home care costs to be borne by the insured persons themselves.