• We are buying a freehold flat

    ( Immobilia ) Full article (pdf)

  • Secondhand cars: Find the best deal <b>(in German)</b>

    Last year, 750 000 secondhand cars changed owners in Switzerland. How do you get through the jungle of finding the right car, and how can you tell the difference between a good and a bad offer? konsum.tv and comparis.ch show you the easiest and quickest way to get a fair deal on your dream car. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)

  • How to find the lowest mortgage <b>(in German)</b>

    If you're looking for a new mortgage for your own home, you have to divulge many personal details. Only after the customer's financial situation has been extensively investigated will the bank make an offer. These offers can vary considerably. comparis.ch's Mortgage Market can help. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)

  • Swiss people spend 1.3 billion too much on car insurance <b>(in German)</b>

    Changing is certainly worth it: 1.3 billion francs too much are being spent on car insurance premiums! However, you should check whether you are being offered what you really want: in a test by konsum.tv and comparis.ch, in a third of all cases the contract period was too long. In total, 12 out of 15 insurances ignored their customers wishes. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)

  • Deductible rate jungle <b>(in German)</b>

    As from January 2005, new deductible rate levels will be effective. If you don't defend yourself, you will be reclassified into a new deductible rate level. Using various examples, konsum.tv shows what will change for the individual. In the studio, insurance expert Richard Eisler will answer the most important questions. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)

  • 90% of mobile users are paying too much <b>(in German)</b>

    Nine out of ten mobile users are paying too much, because they are using the wrong monthly plan. konsum.tv shows three people looking for the cheapest offer, who have to clear many hurdles before profiting. The expert Richard Eisler of Comparis is the studio guest. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)

  • Fair rents <b>(in German)</b>

    A 3-bedroom flat in Zurich costs on average between 1120 and 2179 francs. How high should the rents be? The pros get involved and present remarkable results. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)

  • Car insurances reviews <b>(in German)</b>

    Car insurers are courting customers with low premium rates and addiotional services. The actual quality of the insurance protection doesn't reveal itself until the event of damage. konsum.tv and comparis.ch review what's on offer. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)

  • Health insurance - premium shock <b>(in German)</b>

    Due to being reclassified to new premium regions, many Swiss families are paying more for their health insurance. What's more, optional deductible rate will no longer allow you to economise. Comparis expert Richard Eisler shows you how you can still save money. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)

  • The cheapest mortgage is just one mouse click away <b>(in German)</b>

    Mortgage rates are at an all-time low. Even so, there are enormous differences between individual providers. You could easily save thousands of francs. ( Konsum.tv, SF DRS 2 ) Full article (rm)



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