The Comparis Advisory Board operates in an environment in whose framework policy and administration play a strong and active role. Examples include health care, telecommunications and the electricity market. Hence, the political arena regularly deals with issues that directly or indirectly affect and consumers in general.

Especially in the health care sector, all interest groups are well organised. The pharmaceutical industry, doctors, pharmacists, hospitals and patients all have their own associations. The point of view of the insured, who ultimately finance medical services, is often neglected. wants to bring the perspective of health insurance consumers into the public debate and with this intent regularly publishes surveys, studies and analyses with subjects such as telemarketing, drug prices and the burden of premiums. The ideas for studies and their results are discussed with the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board addresses aspects of the current and future business operations of in an open framework, offering valuable direction.

The Advisory Board as well as its individual members act in an advisory capacity. They may not represent legally and do not possess a decision-making role, particularly with regard to business operations, management or strategy of The Advisory Board holds a half-day meeting four times per year at the beginning of each parliamentary session and is otherwise regularly consulted for advice on current topics. Members receive a flat-rate compensation of CHF 2,000 per meeting including preparation and follow-up work as well as for consulting activities.

Members of the Comparis Advisory Board are Joachim Eder, member of the Council of States (FDP, ZG), Hannes Germann, member of the Council of States (SVP, SH), Franz Grüter, member of the National Council (SVP, LU), Daniel Jositsch, member of the Council of States (SP, ZH), Prof. Dr. Robert Leu, professor emeritus of economics, University of Bern, Philippe Nantermod, member of the National Council (FDP, VS), Gerhard Pfister, member of the National Council (CVP, ZG), and Thomas Weibel, member of the National Council (GLP, ZH).