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Unlike the unrestricted pension plan, pillar 3a is only available to working individuals aged 18 and over. This includes:

  • Generally
    Every individual residing and paying taxes in Switzerland.
  • Employed persons whose income is liable for AHV
    In the case of employed persons, the pillar 3a plan serves as a complement to the state pension and occupational pension scheme (1st and 2nd pillar). This applies both to part-time and full-time employees and also includes foreign employees liable for withholding tax.
  • Self-employed persons whose income is liable for AHV
    If an occupational pension scheme is optional for self-employed individuals, it may be replaced by a pillar-3a scheme. If an entrepreneur is not affiliated to an occupational pension fund, he/she may pay in larger amounts than those who are.
  • Job-seekers entitled to unemployment insurance benefits
    Unemployed persons may pay into a pillar 3a plan as long as they are entitled to a daily allowance under unemployment insurance.
  • Cross-border commuters and weekly residents
    Cross-border commuters and weekly residents domiciled abroad are likewise entitled to make pillar 3a payments if they work for an employer based in Switzerland. This applies irrespective of whether their mandatory pension provision is based in Switzerland or abroad.
  • IV pensioners
    Individuals drawing invalidity benefits who also have a remaining income that is liable for AHV may also make pillar 3a contributions.
  • Working persons beyond the regular retirement age
    Individuals who go on working after reaching the regular retirement age may continue their third-pillar payments for another 5 years. This is also the amount of time they can put off withdrawing their accumulated savings. The maximum age limit is 70 years for men and 69 years for women.

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