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The free online valuation tool at gives you a quick, no-fuss way to obtain an independent valuation of your property. compares your property's data with that of a hundred thousand other properties sold in the past five years in Switzerland, and uses that information to calculate the ideal sales price for your property.


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14 days starting at CHF 159 starting at CHF 169 starting at CHF 159 starting at CHF 159
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60 days starting at CHF 289 starting at CHF 299 starting at CHF 269 starting at CHF 269
90 days starting at CHF 369 starting at CHF 379 starting at CHF 339 starting at CHF 339

Region 1 AG, AI, AR, BE, BL, BS, GL, GR, LU, NW, OW, SG, SH, SO, SZ, TG, UR, ZG.
Region 2 FR, GE, JU, NE, TI, VD, VS, ZH.

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